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The Largest Private Technical Education institution in the Kurdistan Region

The Shahid Foundation for Education and Higher Education is the largest private technical education institution in the Kurdistan Region, established in 2008. The institute has created opportunities for more than 2,000 students in the borders of Erbil and Duhok provinces. The Shahid Foundation plays an important role in creating a capable expert force to fill the needs of the labor market in Kurdistan. In line with the efforts made for the number of students and students, the Shahid Foundation has provided work for more than 200 teachers (master's and phD certificates) and more than 75 employees. This institution, on the one hand, is trying to create education for those forces and hidden forces in the community, who have not been able to study with any reason or reason, and on the other hand, want to develop a scientific, inventive and talented personality for this country.
The Shahid Foundation considers it necessary to take responsibility for its students and the higher education process in the Kurdistan Region and its efforts To give in all fields as a talented and high-ranking lecturer and owner of a high degree to the program of studying science, education, and environment Who is eligible to study? In this way, we in the Shahid Company want to ensure their future with the knowledge, knowledge, and belief that we give to our students and make them a working force in this country. Shahid Foundation is currently established in four institutes belonging to the Ministry of Higher Education and four five-year institutes belonging to the Ministry of Education and an educational community.