The Shahid Foundation has been given a worldview and has a clear horizon into the world of academic work in the Kurdistan Region and has a strong and comprehensive program How can he be able to make the most of the work of all parties, which is a well-established institution with high academic prestige, to put the most influence and place Enter the community and become part of the community's leading force in the field of expertise that includes them.
The institution sees some of the effects in it, which has many attempts to put its scientific products into the community and in the eyes of researchers, readers, and experts. That's why at the moment, there is a strong and popular program, which in some ways and with a high quality science program, it is a product and activist The material of his staff on the one hand and the scientific products that have been published and published, which are written in the important time of the world and are important and fundamental We are the ones who
Except that it is established as an academic institution, it is trying to become the owner of a special science publication in the future. But because the foundation's age and this process need more preparation, it is not possible to bring a magazine that is based on the dreams, hobbies and strategies of the institution.

Research Project
The Shahid Foundation gives academic research on the back of any academic institution and believes that any institution of science, if it is effective, should conduct research and prepare the appropriate conditions for it, in the work of any priority. For this purpose, the institution gives great importance to this field and presents the necessary facilities, preparations and support to researchers as much as it can.
Considering that the area has a lot of ability and specialties and has been subjected to a lot of work, research and research projects should be related to the specialties, minorities, and problems in the area. So that science can not be kept as a baseline. From the perspective of the institution's strategy, science is for the service of humanity and that is why it knows its own interests and researchers to use science and information either for the sake of reading and stimulating the human condition and the human environment. For this purpose, it has been established through its own researchers and also by announcing the research project, it invites researchers. This is because if there is a quality and practical research project, it tries to support and help researchers or researchers to complete their project.
Through the research project, we can be better and more targeted, put a fifth on the minority and find the necessary solutions for them.

Research Assistance
The Shahid Foundation, both on the foundation of the fact that we talked about in the research project and researched in the dynamo of each center He considers it necessary, as an academic and creative organization, supporting and helping researchers to achieve their research.
Although it is now established, it does not have the ability to support researchers in the best way, but whatever it has felt and announced, The readiness to help researchers raises the hope that if the ability of the institution increases, the cooperation will be wider and more serious.
The most important cooperation that has been established at the moment can be presented to the researchers, including the establishment of laboratories, schools and other facilities that are established for research. Except that he has announced the readiness of financial cooperation for the researchers, who have researched in the local or external scientific magazines, which are The imitator is a factor, it has not been published.

Students Research
Because of the fact that in today's world, the center of education is in the center of education and the importance of the procedures for developing this goal is given, and the Shahid institution is working hard. Indeed, it is part of the success of this institution, in relation to the fact that many students have been able and able to become a successful academic figure.
Considering this importance of school, he finds himself in training and training for scientific research. The Shahid Foundation provides a special research center for students and through academic staff and lectures, the foundations and general specialties of scientific work will be introduced to their students.
Providing capable teachers to supervise students and help them and to try to provide research materials (such as schools, science and laboratories), is partly established in politics, to train students to conduct scientific research.
The institution does not only look like a normal routine for students' research, which should be presented at the end of their secondary school year. But he sees it as a serious work and tries to give research to a more serious and more successful work. He believes that these students can do a lot of work with the help of kanian's supervisors.