Students, along with the Shahid Foundation, will enter a different, interesting experience and full of new achievements. The Shahid Foundation gives a special school and school to the center in the process of teaching and teaching. That's why the experience and the work of the school in this institute will be completely different. The school enjoys the experience of studying at the institute in terms of providing intelligent and skilled teachers and all in terms of providing the basics of education and the necessities of studying. Students should be encouraged to take the level of science to the level of science and the example of a successful student by presenting science seminars and doing field work. A school at the Shahid Foundation does not experience only an academic life, but also co-ordinates with the academic side, which is a kind of community life and social process.
In this process, which includes private affairs such as cultural, social, sports and artistic affairs, students share their experiences with each other and develop their creative abilities. On the other hand, the school in the institute tried to respect the ceremony It is also possible to show sympathy with the community in the disasters and unexpected events, to show its mixture with the community and to strengthen its relationship. We should also say that in the Shahid Foundation, there is an annual festival of science and culture, as well as a special cultural day, in which students show their cultural and scientific products with great enthusiasm. Of course, we can say that the school experience in the Shahid institution is very different and interesting and full of scientific and enjoyable benefits.